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BFE - The Boyfriend Experience

We live in a world that is oversaturated with contact, but too often devoid of the connection, vulnerability, and intimacy that are fundamental to our wellbeing as humans. Even when we’re able to find sex, it simply feels like filling a need, like eating fast food when you could have a full gourmet meal instead. And, many of us are in romantic relationships where the spark is gone and our needs just aren’t being met. It’s that gap that I aim to fill with my favorite service as an FTM escort in New York City: the boyfriend experience.

When was the last time you sunk into someone’s arms and just let yourself relax? The last time you felt that giddy thrill of seeing someone you’re attracted to and knowing that, for a few hours, it’s just going to be the two of you together while the rest of the world disappears? The last time you truly opened up to someone about how you’re feeling, the things that are frustrating you, and the blocks that are holding you back from being your truest, most authentic self?

The boyfriend experience (BFE) is a unique opportunity to meet those deep needs. During our time together, we’re intimates sharing the experience of being romantic partners. To me, that’s what distinguishes my service from other escorts you might encounter. Think about what you would want in the perfect partner, and that’s what we’ll build over the course of our meeting.

How about coffee in bed?

Everyone is deserving of affection, care, and genuine attention. I find it deeply sad that we live in a world where fulfilling our emotional, spiritual, and sexual selves is considered less important than working all the time, making money, and staying in unhappy relationships because of societal expectations. To me, tending to these sensitive parts of ourselves is something that should take just as much priority as our jobs and our other obligations.

And, as a queer, transgender person, I’ve experienced a sweeping segment of the spectrum of sexuality. I learned not to judge myself or my desires, and I extend that generosity to everyone I meet. Nothing is too out there for me so long as you’re not doing harm to yourself or others. Think about that— finding a connection with someone who won’t judge you for what you like and will, in fact, encourage you to explore the things that make you feel good.

A meeting with me is like self care. You deserve to feel good about yourself, and with me, unlike with someone you meet, say, on an app, you’re guaranteed to get the attention, service, and care you need. And, yes, while this may be work for me, I get genuine joy and pleasure out of giving people that spark of recognition and understanding. My meetings are very much mutual.

So, if any of this has resonated with you, I’d encourage you to get in touch with me or with another provider who offers the boyfriend experience. You deserve it!

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